At least one source has consistently moderated the expected winds for today with each new set of forecasts. I think we can take that as a good sign — though the ground truth won’t be known for sure for another 12 hours or so, by which time it’ll be all over but the screaming.

Bearing in mind, a single fallen tree in the wrong place could blackout half the county, if it derailed a train which then took out a substation.

I don’t know why I had that thought just as a train was passing through…

Now for a seemingly appropriate musical interlude:

Update, 6:45 p.m. EDT — Dramatization (stolen from here):

Actually so far, the most we’ve suffered at Mustache World Headquarters was a devastating power outage about four hours ago that interrupted my wifi for almost a minute.

There are trees down here and there, and power lines down, and there have been traffic accidents but not a lot. It helps that most people with no particular reason to be out in this weather are, in fact, not out in this weather. Of course the Atlanta TV stations have a lot more to report, there being a much greater concentration of people and power lines. Also, though it isn’t that far to our east, somehow the big city managed to get hit harder as the worst of the storm (so far) passed through.

The National Weather Service wind forecast indicates the sustained winds are about to taper off hereabouts but the gusts won’t really abate until the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Personally, I think I just might be able to sleep through it.

Update, Tuesday morning: Stop interrupting my wifi, Irma you minx!

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