On My Soggy, Soggy Lawn

At the moment the temperature outside is in the low 60s, with a dewpoint in the low-to-mid 50s. But the weather eggheads say we’ll start to see rain from Irma after midnight, and then it’ll be raining until well into Tuesday morning.

Best-case scenario is that we get rain, and wind, and a few scattered small outages that may or may not include yours truly but are cleared up within a few hours. Worst-case is that even the cell towers get knocked out, our house incurs damage from heavy tree limbs or even (God forbid) an entire tree, and we can’t get to a shelter because roads are blocked by fallen timber and/or downed power lines.

I have a 9/11 post slated for tomorrow morning, and a miscellany post queued up for Saturday a little before noon. If nothing appears here in the interim, you’ll know it got really bad.

Until things get to that point though, I expect to be monitoring some of the outfits that are likely to have emergency information:

I’ve given this some thought.

Update, mid-Sunday afternoon: According to Weather Underground’s hourly forecast chart, expected winds hereabouts should top out in the mid-30s tomorrow afternoon. Rain eases off through Tuesday morning and should let up around midday.

I like mid-30s a lot better than mid-40s. I vote we go with that.

‘Nother update, minutes later: Mrs. McG says the National Weather Service is still holding at 40, with gusts in the mid-50s. I like gusts in the mid-50s better than the mid-60s, but I think they’d go much better with slower sustained winds.

Which stage is “bargaining” again? Third or fourth?

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