In a game that saw Louisiana Tech start one play 3rd & Goal from their own 7 yard line — yes, their own 7 yard line, it stands to reason this wouldn’t go in their W column.

Oh, you want to know how that happened? It started with a bad snap at the Mississippi State 6, and a frantic chase in which players for both teams kept kicking the ball instead of recovering it. Finally a Louisiana Tech player did recover it, saving either a touchdown if State grabbed it, or a safety if State didn’t grab it.

They gained 21 yards on the next play, but with the goal line still 72 yards away, they chose to punt. Just their luck Mississippi State didn’t commit a foul that would’ve been an automatic first down.

In a game I didn’t get to watch, Wyoming shut out Gardner-Webb, 0-27. That’s a nice comeback from their loss last week to Iowa.

(Side note: Mississippi State, Louisiana Tech, and Gardner-Webb are all Bulldogs — GW being the Runnin’ kind.)

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