Stormy Eyes

Hurricane Irma seems to have Mustache World Headquarters in her crosshairs, but for now we’ve got  mild temperatures and moderate humidity — by local standards for this time of year.

They’re expecting, on the one hand, that she’ll still be a tropical storm when she gets into metro Atlanta, but our chance of tropical-storm winds, on the other hand, is around 30%.

That could still mean downed power lines and blocked roads. Fortunately our likelihood of a storm surge is pretty small, here at 900 feet above mean sea level. Other flooding threats are possible, but we are here, as in our previous home, in a place where any water we might get would recede before it got dangerous.

Quite a change from where we lived before that, where the water table was about 25 feet down — but there was little reason to fear a hurricane in Fairbanks.

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