Caveman Chic

From the time the prehistoric existence of Homo neanderthalensis was detected, it’s been a standard trope to call someone with allegedly primitive habits of thought, a Neanderthal.

But in recent years it’s been discovered that Neanderthal Man didn’t simply die off; his DNA now exists in wide swaths of modern humanity. Essentially, anyone with ancestry from any part of the world outside of Africa is now presumed to have a small but significant amount of Neanderthal DNA.

The inventors of agriculture? Part Neanderthal. Builders of the first civilizations? Part Neanderthal. Developers of the world’s great philosophical schools? Part Neanderthal.

The great cities of today — centers of economic, social and cultural progress — are brimming with descendants of that handful of cavemen who got to Europe and Asia millennia before Homo sapiens made it.

If there’s any part of the human race that can genuinely claim to be of pure blood, it’s the Africans.

Something for the white nationalists to contemplate.

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