Via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit, this by Christian Toto:

[Laurie] Forest’s book, The Black Witch, is the story of a girl living in a world where her race is deemed superior to other creatures (think: wolf men and selkies). She slowly learns to shed those ugly social constructs as the tale moves forward. One reviewer hailed the book as “an uncompromising condemnation of prejudice and injustice.”

But that wasn’t enough for SJW blogger Shauna Sinyard, who decided to make it her mission to defame Forest and her work with a meandering, aggrieved, 9,000-word blog post, as New York magazine reported. “It’s the most dangerous, offensive book I have ever read,” Sinyard raged, suggesting she hasn’t read very widely if that’s the case. YA Twitter, along with a few other influential authors, spread Sinyard’s rant far and wide. Forest was called a Nazi sympathizer. SJWs demanded that Harlequin Teen, the book’s publisher, do something about this hateful story.

Here’s where the story took an interesting turn: The publisher didn’t back down. Nor did Forest.

The title of Toto’s piece, the whole thing of which you must read, is “Stop Apologizing to Social Justice Warriors. It Just Feeds their Sanctimony.”

My reflex when confronted with unreasonable criticism has for years been a combination of seven letters distributed among two words. Three of the letters are F.

You know how some of the people in your childhood teach you lessons opposite to the ones they intended? Yeah. Well, I’m still grateful for the lesson.