Symptom or Solution?

There is something to this:

Disquiet rooted in a persistently weak economy, a chaotic foreign policy, growing national-security concerns and domestic social turmoil is aggravated by the sense that dissent — or even questioning conventional wisdom as defined by America’s condescending elites — is not only improper, but also immoral.


You betcha.

Presented as an explanation of Donald Trump’s presidential tumescence, it also explains something about American politics that many conservative doomsayers have been missing during the Obama years: whatever Grand Vision the nation’s elites-of-the-moment may succeed in presenting without significant dissent for a matter of years, the great mass of the people have their own vision — and aren’t buying anything that contradicts it.

Fringe opinion in America is what fringe opinion in America has always been, and its embrace by the political, media and even business elites cannot change that. Educational experimentalists may detach or devalue the fundamental tenets of America’s self-image, but they are ingrained too deeply to be uprooted in a generation or two.

As a people, Americans are comfortable in their own skins. They may play along with fashion or fad just for the fun of it, but it’s a mistake to confuse their willingness to stray from their comfort zone, with a willingness to discard it altogether in favor of one prescribed from an ivory tower.

The Trumpian abscess is not the disease. It is an attempt by our political immune system to fight the insidious infection of elite authoritarianism that culminated in the election of an ivory-tower radical to the highest office in the land, and the cowardly refusal of the nominal opposition to actually oppose.