Thursday,  January 13, 2022

I Hear the Dire Wolves Howling

Winter is coming! My neck of the woods is expected to get snow and/or ice this weekend.

I hadn’t tuned in to a weather forecast in months until Tuesday night, just in time to hear about a coming winter blast. It’s been a while since this area has received frozen precipitation, and I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding driving soon after such storms because I don’t have studded tires to put on my car, and people around here have essentially zero experience in dealing with icy roads. It doesn’t matter how well I can drive in those conditions (and I’m badly out of practice after 20-pus years in the South) if any unwary local can crash into me.

Anyway, this is as good an excuse as anyway to repost my winter song. Apologies, as always, to Simon, Garfunkel, and music lovers everywhere.

Hello winter, my old friend
I see you’ve come around again
Tomorrow there will be some rain dripping
And that night so many cars slipping
On these roads, narrow, winding and all too dark
A skating park
And the sound
Of sirens

Will echo through the chilly night
And we will see the flashing lights
Reflected on the fenders all wrinkled
Yet so pretty with the snow sprinkled
While the victims stand exchanging insurance cards
In nearby yards
To the sound
Of sirens

If I were you I’d hesitate
To get onto the interstate
Because you know it won’t be heavenly
Skidding sideways going seventy
Knowing it will end with a hollow, crashing thud
And spurting blood
And then the sound
Of sirens.

Maybe Old Man Winter will go easy on us, but that’s never the smart way to bet.

Update: The channel I consulted was not the one that names winter storms. In case you were wondering.

Update, Saturday afternoon: Worst case would have been freezing rain, but while most of the forecast precipitation is rain, we’re not looking likely to get temperatures below freezing. Which also means that however much snow we may get, it’s unlikely to accumulate.

We shall see.

Update, Sunday afternoon: It’s been snowing off and on, lightly and less lightly, for hours now — and still no accumulation. We haven’t been below freezing yet.

Friday,  January 7, 2022


I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I’ve noticed that when I see a piece of news or a funny meme that I would have reflexively shared with Mrs. McG, I no longer have to experience that brief jolt of intense sadness upon realizing she isn’t here to share it with anymore.

That’s a step forward in the grieving process, surely. I still miss her terribly, and when I’m reminded of the loss in deeper ways I still get that upwelling of sadness that I can’t imagine ever going away completely — but the pain is becoming more of a background noise that is a lot more manageable now.

Sunday,  January 2, 2022

A Man’s Gotta Know His Limits

I’ve gone back to NextCloud for a couple of things that I’d liked about my previous try — the calendar and the notes app. And since this is a different host I hope that the issues that drove me off my previous NextCloud host won’t arise here.

I’m not using this NextCloud host for file storage, since I have a seemingly perfectly good NAS setup up and running. Thanks to my ISP I can’t access the NAS outside of my own home LAN, but that’s okay because the NAS is there as a backup in case of hard-drive failure on my laptop. And not needing file storage on NextCloud means I can get what I want from it without paying for it.

The free NextCloud account does offer up to (giggle) two gigabytes of storage, which is less than I have on any of my conventional cloud accounts, free or otherwise. Even on Dropbox I have almost seven. Google offers 15 GB free but I don't use it.

The best free cloud service I use is Mega, on which I have 50 GB for free, though that’s grandfathered; if you signed up now you’d only get 20.

That’s still better than Google, even besides the advantage of not being Google.

New Year’s Day,  January 1, 2022

Happy New Year

I second this New Year wish from Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds: “May 2022 be less stupid than the preceding years.”