ID (Intelligent Dog)

Lucy can be scary sometimes.

Just now sitting here at my computer I heard her do something uncharacteristic—bark like an ordinary stupid dog for no good reason. Normally if she’s just excited about seeing somebody in the next yard she will stand on the deck and wag her tail. If she gets overexcited she may give out with a bark or two and then shut up. But this was a veritable State of the Union speech by her standards.

So I went to the nearest window from which I could see her, and I opened the window so I could speak to her. In a matter-of-fact tone that an ordinary stupid dog would have interpreted as merely attention and therefore a reward, I informed Miss Lucy what I would do if she got into the habit of barking like that—the idea involves going to Petsmart and buying something to put on her.

An ordinary stupid dog would have stood there wagging and hung on every word.

Lucy put her head down and looked penitent. She either not only understands English but can parse compound sentences, or she’s psychic and picked up the mental image of what I was predicting as her fate.


© Friday,  November 18, 2005  Kevin McGehee

Lucy likes a dog toy!

This is quite remarkable, even though Lucy is an actual dog. Up until now she has shown no interest whatsoever in various dog toys we have brought her. Cat toys, however, are a big hit, but we have to take them away from her because they’re just not made to stand up to those jaws.

Then one night this week, she picked up a sock off the floor, I grabbed the other end, and a game of tug-of-war ensued. The sock was much the worse for wear afterward, so I decided to see if I could find something more appropriate. We had gotten her a hard figure-8-shaped rope thing before, and Kevin and I had played tug-of-war with it in front of her, making play growly noises to try and get her interested. (It was surprisingly fun, too!) She was pretty excited about the whole thing, but we never could get her to join in.

But this sock business got me wondering if she’d like something softer, so I found a big, soft knotted rope toy at Wal-Mart, and it’s a hit. She is some kind of fur-covered tractor, by the way: I keep threatening to hook her up to a sled, because she can really pull.

© Wednesday,  June 29, 2005  Mrs. McG

Cats and Dogs...

Our dog, Lucy, and our youngest cat Mickie, were playing in our bedroom yesterday.

Mickie would pop out from under the bed, and Lucy would chase her back under.

Our dog and cat were playing cat-and-mouse.

This is wrong on so many levels.

© Sunday,  May 15, 2005  Kevin McGehee

We ♥ Our Dog

And that’s why we ♠ our dog.

Lucy is resting comfortably at the vet after having surgery this morning. We get her back tomorrow morning, and will never again have to worry, if she should get loose again like she did while we were on vacation in Alaska (while she was in heat!), that she might come home in a puppy way.

As Chris’ e-mail signature once said, There aren’t enough homes for them all—spay or neuter your pet.

UPDATE: Lucy’s home and doing fine. We have pain pills to give her, and we need to watch her for a couple of weeks to make sure she doesn’t accidentally pull her stitches open—but other than that, all’s well.

© Monday,  January 10, 2005  Kevin McGehee

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