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The Tall One

We lived for five years in the Fairbanks, Alaska area, and it was all but impossible to ever see Mt. McKinley from there. It was just too far away to the southwest, and from that angle there were other, obviously lesser, peaks too close to the sight line. And that’s on those rare occasions when the loftiest peak in North America wasn’t shrouded in clouds. Today, though, it isn’t. And as we discovered on a visit to Anchorage in 1996, when the skies were clear that was the place to see the mountain.

Even from Anchorage though, it’s a distant peak, far from the nearest Alaska Range prominences to the north, much less the looming Chugach range to the east. But in the webcam view above, courtesy of Borealis Broadband, it’s that tiny bright smudge on the horizon at left. It’s not quite 150 miles northwest of the city, but at more than 20,000 feet in elevation — while Anchorage lies at sea level — it’s still an eye-catching landmark. You can see why Alaska’s Natives called it Denali, “The Tall One.”

Sunday,  October 13, 2019   12:57 p.m.   McGehee

Minimal Football

It was a “bye” weekend for both the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Wyoming Cowboys, so we only had one game to watch: The Dallas Cowboys hosting the Green Bay Packers.

It wasn’t pretty.

Next weekend all three teams will play again, and Mrs. McG is hoping there will be good news for all three of them. In fact I suspect she would be willing for Wyoming to lose if it meant the Bulldogs and Dallas could win again.

I’m skeptical of the idea, myself. I liked it better when they all won.

Monday,  October 7, 2019   9:07 a.m.   McGehee

October in Wyoming

Last year, Mrs. McG and I arrived in Wyoming on October 10, amid snowfalls along Interstate 25 extending some 50 miles or so from Cheyenne northward. Another snowstorm struck the state a few days later, which we watched from the window of our hotel room.

This year...

I blame Trump.

Tuesday,  October 1, 2019   12:10 p.m.   McGehee

Oh Give Me a Home

Where the Cowboys wyome
They’re wyoming all day and all night
They wyome up the field
They never will yield
‘Til their opponents board their homeward flight

I actually forgot there were college football games last night, so today I decided not to look at the results and just watch the Tivo’d UNLV at Wyoming game, Boy, howdy. The Cowboys won, 17-53.

I didn’t watch the Mississippi State game. There was an update during the Wyoming telecast, at which time home team Auburn was leading something like 9-42. Final score was 23-56. Ouch.

Here’s hoping this merely proves to be another Cowboys week, and that Dallas will add a W tonight at New Orleans.

Update: Went to submit “wyome” to Urban Dictionary with the following definition:

To thoroughly dominate one’s opponent on the football field at Laramie.

But apparently now only people with Facebook accounts or Gmail addresses are allowed to submit. So, scroom. I will not submit.

Sunday,  September 29, 2019   12:43 p.m.   McGehee

We Have a Word for This

This morning, I received an email from a local Italian restaurant-slash-pizza place, touting its newly established delivery arrangement with DoorDash.

This afternoon, an online security vendor emailed with news of a data breach affecting... DoorDash.

The word for timing like this is, “Oooooooooops.”

Friday,  September 27, 2019   5:20 p.m.   McGehee

Could They Be Any More Blatant?

The White House released a complete, unredacted transcript of Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine’s president, and what do the Derp State Media do? They put headlines on a heavily and misleadingly redacted version designed to make it look as if the only topic of the conversation was “investigate Hunter Biden.” That version leaves out more than 500 words. To put that in perspective, when I was assigned to write a paper in college, a properly formatted page was expected to contain at least 250 words. If I used that estimate, I never had to count words in a paper I submitted for a grade, only pages.

The media, in their frantic haste to protect the Biden family and incriminate Trump, elided more than two pages worth of conversation.

You don’t have to like Trump to see this for what it is.

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Thursday,  September 26, 2019   1:52 p.m.   McGehee



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