December 2018


A Reminder

Mother Nature is not the loving, gentle nurturer some argue her to be. From the very beginning she has plotted to wipe out every living thing in the universe.

Between one thing and another, she always bats 1.000

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Ends and Odds

Georgia's runoff election ran its course last Tuesday, and without the national news media on a full-court press to drag Democrats over the finish line, Republicans were elected, respectively, to Governor-Elect Brian Kemp's old job, and to another term on the state Public Service Commission. Apparently Stacey Abrams was a better GOTV organizer for Republicans than for her own party -- GOP voters were still in walk-to-the-polls-over-hot-coals-and-broken-glass mode.


A new freeway interchange has been under construction near the "new" Piedmont Newnan Hospital, which was built several years ago near a crossing of Interstate 85 that had no freeway access. Now, neither of the previous hospital sites in Newnan were anywhere near that freeway, let alone an interchange, but putting the new facility there made a new interchange kind of inevitable.

The project is in the home stretch, with the new, widened overpass getting lane striping the last time I drove by there. Stoplights hadn't yet been installed though, and I suspect when they are they'll need to be tested and certified error-free before the freeway access ramps are slated to open.


Closer to home, the two mini-roundabouts constructed on U.S. 29 seem to have gained acceptance by local drivers. I still try to avoid going that way during commute hours, if I can, but in general they seem to be working as hoped. There are two more roundabouts planned for this part of the county in the next few years, one not quite in our front yard, but close enough. They were planned to be at either end of a new road connecting U.S. 29 with the road that serves our neighborhood, with the idea of taking pressure off of two existing connecting roads, one of which goes past a middle school with often dysfunctional traffic during afternoon pick-up.

The new connecting road got nixed, but the county has decided to go ahead with the roundabout at our end. Given how the double-roundabout project screwed up traffic along the highway, I'm not looking forward to this one -- assuming it starts before Mrs. McG retires and we can make ourselves scarce.

I really think the other one, along Highway 29 (again) should go in first. The ultimate plan is for that one to serve a new road that will cross the interstate and ease access from our part of the county to a stretch of highway extending east out of Newnan where a lot of development has taken place over the years. In a way, our area's isolation from all that has been pleasant enough, but it also means that to go over there under current conditions requires either navigating an over-congested, six-lane main artery with two of the busiest intersections in the county, or diverting miles out of our way to another freeway crossing that is an over-congested two-lane.

Of course, adding a more direct freeway-crossing alternative that will ultimately feed into the road that runs past our home driveway -- a road that is already a moderately busy access route for locals and savvy non-locals -- will have all manner of unpleasant consequences for us and our neighbors.

Still wonder why we're counting the days, or why our intended destination isn't a place on a steep upward growth curve?

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Conservation of Snow?

I don't remember whether the fall/winter of 2004-05 was one of those during which our part of Georgia got any snow, but I do know there have been winters where we've gotten none here. In fact, I would have expected my first blog post about our dog Lucy (who had just joined our family in 2004) and snow to have been before 2008. That would be an unusually long spell without any snow here at all.

That particular season is of interest because we had traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska for a return visit in October and there was plenty of snowfall there during our stay. Given the amount of snowfall we saw during our Wyoming trip last October, I'm wondering whether we'll be skunked here at home this winter.

They're expecting snow in the mountains of north Georgia from the imminent winter storm, but metro Atlanta is supposed to get only rain, if anything. Of course, there's plenty of winter yet to come so we might still see some chance of snow.

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Some Humble Advice for Today's Youth

If you want to fix the world, first learn how it works.

For example, if you're concerned about inequality, learn math. Not economics, not sociology, not [insert stupid identity category here] studies. Math.

©   Kevin McGehee

Can't Stop the Signal

Our home internet is down. Most of the indicators on the cable modem are dark, one is flashing yellow, and the router's single status light is pulsating red.

So how, you may ask, am I posting this entry?

Wifi hotspot, run from my phone, thanks to that sweet senior citizen deal we got from T-Mobile earlier this year.

Take that, you cyber-gremlins!

Update, well, minutes after I originally posted this: Cable modem lights all went back to normal, as did home internet. I guess the cyber-gremlins saw the post and gave up.

For now.

©   Kevin McGehee

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December 2018


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