I'm Starting to Get the Impression...

...that we're not going to get any snow here this winter.

Of course, I wondered as much last month. Sometimes it sucks to be right.

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Well, Well, Well

A couple of weeks ago I blogged that our local sheriff has been confirmed for U.S. Marshal, ensuring at last that a special election would indeed be held to replace him as the county's law-enforcement honcho.

Personally, I'd just as soon skip the special election and wait for the regular sheriff election in 2020. Yeager's chief deputy, Lt. Col. Lenn Wood, will already serve as acting sheriff between Yeager's departure and the elected replacement taking office, why not just leave him in place for another year?

Today while running errands I saw campaign signs with Lt. Col. Wood's name on them. Maybe I've found the candidate I'd vote for.

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Are You Talking to Me? (New and Improved)

I stood in the booth voting against him in 2008 and again in 2012, Ron -- and against his preferred successor in 2016. Where did you stand?

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May It Last Longer Than Its Predecessor

The new refrigerator arrived this morning, and the most stressful part has been trying to register it with the manufacturer for the warranty.

Some goofball over there decided it would be best to set it up so you can text them a picture of a part of the warranty notice that comes with the unit, but when I tried to do that the paper was too close to the phone and the serial number was out of focus. So I took a picture from further away, including the larger-print serial number next to the intended picture, but their photo reader algorithm misread the number. I declined to confirm those numbers.

So I went online and tried again the new old-fashioned way; the first time, the wrong model number was my fault, but I went back through to try again, got it right, and discovered that neither registration was shown on my account page where it was supposed to be (I hoped to delete the wrong one). So I tried again, again making sure both numbers were correct. Still nothing on the account page.

Oh, well. I still have another gallon of dispenser water and a full batch of ice (when it materializes) to discard, not to mention a fridgeload of perishables -- wasted when the old one failed -- to replace. Maybe by the time all that runs its course I'll have some superfluous product registrations to delete from my account.

Update: Well, it appears the serial number was enough to tell the system that the wrong model number was wrong, and that the repeat submissions of both correct numbers were just that, repeat submissions.

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Dodged It This Time

The effort by Wyoming's county clerks to make postal employees part of the electoral chain of custody (I blogged about it previously here) has failed for 2019.

The effort to get a bill before the Legislature was spearheaded by the Wyoming County Clerks Association due to the looming high cost of replacing election equipment and the difficulty in hiring election judges across the state.

Horror stories in the news made some balk at allowing mail-in ballots. Rep. Roy Edwards, R-Gillette, mentioned issues with signature verification in Broward County, Florida, during the 2018 election, and worried Wyoming would open itself up to lawsuits, along with major potential for voter fraud.

(In the states that have moved to all mail-in ballot elections - Colorado, Washington and Oregon - there have been few recorded instances of voter fraud.)

The operative word being "recorded." Because vote-by-mail puts people into each ballot's chain of custody over whom the officials actually conducting the election have no control, the ability even to detect vote fraud is crippled.

Although in Wyoming the proponents of this hare-brained idea are Republicans who ought to know better, most states that have adopted vote-by-mail have done so at the urging of Democrats, for whom the only security that matters is their own job security. They're against border security and snicker at national security, and they're responsible for America's airports being paralyzed by security theater. And of course they insist that vote fraud never happens -- despite mounting evidence that it does. Were I a conspiracy theorist I might conclude that their support for an election system that makes vote fraud undetectable, is on purpose.

The reasons given by the county clerks for wanting VBM can be addressed by other means. I've looked at what is expected of election judges, and I suspect they might have an easier time persuading people to do the job if some of the requirements were less onerous. Georgia has no trouble staffing its polling places, so I know it can be done.

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Have I?

I lost a lot of old content a while back in a freak boating accident cloud backup mishap, but I didn't lose quite everything. In fact I've found that some of what didn't disappear is halfway decent.

For example, I recently found a post from 2005 titled, "You Can Grow Out of It (They Tell Me)," in which I wrote this:

Let’s face it—had the blogosphere been around at that time [1989-90 time frame], I would have been one of those humorless young trolls that makes everybody roll their eyes and confirms them in their certainty that anyone who could possibly share said troll’s beliefs must be a wingnut or a moonbat. Fortunately, now that there is a blogosphere, I’m no longer young.

Well, I think it was pretty good...

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Still Chugging Along, Unlike Certain Household Appliances

Oddly, right about the time the (Twenty-Five Percent of the) Government Shutdown began, leaving Mrs. McG's next paycheck in doubt, our retirement savings began to recover from a long and dispiriting decline started many months ago. The Dow may not like the uncertainty surrounding federal operations, but our investment managers seem to have chosen... more wisely.

The coincidental breakdown of our kitchen refrigerator (as opposed to the much older and simpler inherited one in the garage, which is still puttering along quite nicely, thank you for asking) will be addressed this week with the arrival of a new one Mrs. McG found on sale, saving us a couple of hundred dollars over the comparable not-on-sale units we had been considering. The about-to-be retired 1999 GE had stopped being a refigerator by virtue of no longer refrigerating, at the same time its freezer side barely retained its job title, and the automatic icemaker was found slumped at its desk when the office reopened after a long holiday weekend -- nobody remembered having spoken to it since Thanksgiving.

In other fake news, the Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams so badly last night that the NFL has already awarded them the Lombardi trophy. Any reports you may see to the contrary are lies cooked up by the White House to distract America from triple-digit unemployment and the mass radiation-sickness die-offs along the West Coast as a result of the President's inept diplomacy with China and North Korea. This is CNN.

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You may be looking at the last post I generate using Publii.

It is looking like I won't be able to use Publii on more than one computer, and since the new one is intended to replace the fractal graphin' Surface Go as my primary computer, not being able to blog using Publii on it is kind of a dealbreaker for Publii.

Supposedly, if I wanted to move the site files off my preferred cloud-mirror and onto Dropbox, it should work -- but I don't want to do that. I'm paying for the storage on this other cloud service, and by God I'm going to use it.

One option is to migrate the Publii-generated content onto the static pages I was using up through 2018, and then build an entirely new Publii site on the new laptop, but again that leaves me stuck blogging on only one computer.

I've had vacuum cleaners that didn't suck this effectively.

Update: So I decided to pull the plug altogether. Turns out even before this latest issue, the convenience I expected from using Publii never did really pan out. And this theme is prettier anyway.

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You Couldn't Prove It by Me

It just occurred to me this evening that I couldn't remember the last time I saw one of these things around here. The brand is still out there, but they're suddenly sparse on the ground in our part of metro Atlanta.

I mentioned it to Mrs. McG and she suggested that there'd been a wind event of more than 20 miles per hour -- maybe they'd all blown away -- but I pointed out that we ought to have seen at least one stuck in a tree.

"Maybe," she replied, "the autumn leaves fell on them and crushed them."

Sounds plausible. Heck, I was surprised they withstood all the pine pollen.

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Speaking as a Mississippi State partisan, it's always nice to see Alabama lose. It ain't nice, it ain't mature, but it's the truth.

And I'm glad Clemson isn't in our conference.

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