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Mother Nature is not the loving, gentle nurturer some argue her to be. From the very beginning she has plotted to wipe out every living thing in the universe.

Between one thing and another, she always bats 1.000

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Ends and Odds

Georgia's runoff election ran its course last Tuesday...

A new freeway interchange has been under construction near the "new" Piedmont Newnan Hospital...

Closer to home, the two mini-roundabouts constructed on U.S. 29 seem to have gained acceptance by local drivers..

Click on through, if you care to read the whole thing.

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Conservation of Snow?

I don't remember whether the fall/winter of 2004-05 was one of those during which our part of Georgia got any snow, but I do know there have been winters where we've gotten none here. In fact, I would have expected my first blog post about our dog Lucy (who had just joined our family in 2004) and snow to have been before 2008. That would be an unusually long spell without any snow here at all.

That particular season is of interest because we had traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska for a return visit in October and there was plenty of snowfall there during our stay. Given the amount of snowfall we saw during our Wyoming trip last October, I'm wondering whether we'll be skunked here at home this winter.

They're expecting snow in the mountains of north Georgia from the imminent winter storm, but metro Atlanta is supposed to get only rain, if anything. Of course, there's plenty of winter yet to come so we might still see some chance of snow.

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Some Humble Advice for Today's Youth

If you want to fix the world, first learn how it works.

For example, if you're concerned about inequality, learn math. Not economics, not sociology, not [insert stupid identity category here] studies. Math.

©   Kevin McGehee

Can't Stop the Signal

Our home internet is down. Most of the indicators on the cable modem are dark, one is flashing yellow, and the router's single status light is pulsating red.

So how, you may ask, am I posting this entry?

Wifi hotspot, run from my phone, thanks to that sweet senior citizen deal we got from T-Mobile earlier this year.

Take that, you cyber-gremlins!

Update, well, minutes after I originally posted this: Cable modem lights all went back to normal, as did home internet. I guess the cyber-gremlins saw the post and gave up.

For now.

©   Kevin McGehee

Criminal Mastermind Alert, 3

One might wonder why she would have given him her phone number.

According to a story in the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Ghaifan walked into a room the housekeeper was cleaning, kicked out the doorstop to close the door behind him and asked her “if she wanted to have some fun.”

When she declined he continued to walk toward her, pinned her arms against the wall and “attempted to kiss her,” said the report.

The hotel employee pushed him away as he continued to try and kiss her. Ghaifan then asked for her phone number, which she gave him.

Well, she didn't know who he was, and she would have needed some way to identify him to the police.

He later sent her a text, which police used along with physical descriptions to identify him.

She was smart. He... was not.

©   Kevin McGehee

Proponents of Lousy Idea Blame Defeat on Opposition

If only the opponents of this lousy idea hadn't been permitted to spend money telling people why it was a lousy idea.

The $26.1 million campaign over whether to keep Montana’s Medicaid expansion program alive by hiking the state’s tobacco taxes was the most expensive ballot issue in Montana since at least 2002, and likely in state history, according to reports.

The hefty price tag was driven by one tobacco company that spent heavily in Montana and in South Dakota to successfully defeat tobacco tax ballot measures earlier this month, campaign finance reports filed Monday with Montana’s political practices commissioner show.

The $17.2 million in cash, loans and in-kind donations from Altria Client Services, the lobbying arm of the company that makes Marlboro cigarettes, made up 98 percent of all the contributions to Montanans Against Tax Hikes, the committee formed to defeat the ballot measure.

Obviously there's no substantive reason why voters might have rejected it, right? It could only have been the eeeeevil corporate lobbyists and their eeeeevil money, right?

The Montana proposal would have raised cigarette taxes $2 a pack and taxed vaping products for the first time to partially fund the state’s cost of the Medicaid expansion program that provides 96,000 low-income adults with health coverage. The program will expire in 2019 unless state lawmakers extend it.

“The proponents tried and failed to bypass the Legislature and permanently lock into place a program designed to be re-evaluated,” said Charles Denowh, the treasurer of Montanans Against Tax Hikes.

(Emphasis mine.)

Those silly yokels. Don't they know they're supposed to defer to their moral superiors, who are obviously incapable of promoting bad law, bad economics, and bad science?

It just goes without saying, right, that icky, eeeeevil corporations are always wrong, regardless of facts!

©   Kevin McGehee

Ya Plunks Down Yer Nickel and Ya Gets What Ya Pays For

Last month I posted this about my new sorta-laptop:

It doesn't have an SDcard slot, nor a normal USB port, but I'm awaiting delivery of an adapter that will plug into the USB-C port and let me use an ordinary mouse. A single adapter from where I ordered it runs 89¢ plus shipping, but I ordered two and my total outlay is just $5 -- plus a wait of ... almost three weeks for it to arrive.

There are Bluetooth-equipped "Mobile Surface Mouse" options from Microsoft, but they run about $40. I already have a spare USB optical mouse -- if I can use it, why not?

I've been using the spare mouse for a while using one of the adapters I ordered, but its port for the mouse's USB-A plug either was, or has become, too loose to maintain the connection reliably, so I've chucked it and am now using the other. It's snugger, but that may change over time. I may have to find a more expensive -- as in, not Chinese-made -- adapter to make this work.

Also, you may have notice strikethrough type in the first sentence of the excerpt above. That's because this gizmo does have an SDcard slot, hidden on the back under the kickstand. I haven't acquired a card for it yet -- the 128GB solid-state drive is only about ⅓ full -- but it's on my wishlist.

©   Kevin McGehee

Thoughts My Brain Made

Am I imagining things, or didn't the internet used to attract a better class of idiot?

©   Kevin McGehee

The Football Holiday

On Thursday, it began with the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Washington Red Inks Redskins, winning 23-31. That game wasn't even over when the Egg Bowl -- Mississippi State's annual rival game against Ole Miss -- convened at the latter's home field. Ole Miss was disqualified from any bowl games even had they played well enough to warrant an invitation, but keeping the rivalry trophy would have been some consolation. It was not to be. Boy howdy was it not to be.

Now it's Saturday, and Wyoming is in Albuquerque playing the New Mexico Lobos. As I type this, the third quarter has almost run out, and the Cowboys lead by 14. I can't watch this week's game though, because it's on a channel our local cable system doesn't carry. Instead I'm watching the Iron Bowl, Alabama hosting Auburn.

Mrs. McG being an alumna of an SEC West school, we root for Mississippi State and whoever's playing 'Bama. In the Iron Bowl we always root for Auburn. The Crimson Tide could be winless and in last place nationally, and Auburn smugly ranked #1 with lopsided wins against every team they've played, and we'd still root for them to win this game.

Okay, if Mrs. McG's Bulldogs were one of the teams Auburn had stomped, probably we wouldn't root for the Tigers to win the Iron Bowl -- we'd want to see them both contrive to lose...

Also this weekend, I was able to beat, here in metro Atlanta, the lowest price for gas that I paid last month in Kansas. After months hovering in the $2.60-$2.80 range we're now in the $2.40-$2.50 range. In Hutchinson I paid $2.459, but today I found a station charging $2.399.

Update: Wyoming won, 31-3.

©   Kevin McGehee

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